Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My review of The Notorious Bettie Page is up at Stylus.


Anonymous said...

I never knew you wrote at Stylus?!

I never knew you were/are sean bateman at OW!

Anyhoo, another online reviewer, more or less, thought Harron's Bettie Page came off - no pun, intended :) - as a virgin/whore. That's veddy interesting.

(Oh, and this is Fally, btw.)

And hello again!

Daniel said...

Nice to see you around.

I wasn't aware you had read my blog. We are finding out all SORTS of stuff!

If you ever get around to seeing the film, let me know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

"If you ever get around to seeing the film, let me know your thoughts."
I sorta wanna see Bettie Page (all the good notices about Gretchen "Vanity Fair IT girl seven yrs ago" Mol?), but I'm, like, poor, and a Bresson film is playing this weekend. Arghh.

That said, I find Harron's approach to Page veddy interesting. I had a recent conversation with Beanie about strippers (it was innocent, I promise!) and he was talking about how he had a stripper friend who enjoyed her job. And I was, like, WTF?! And so I was thinking how it would be terribly interesting if Page had, indeed, thought the same way about showing off her body. I've always been so engrossed in my own PoV, so the idea that those antics can be interpreted as merely a form of exhibitionism, and not objectification is really interesting.

Daniel said...

I think it is clear that after viewing the film you will start your career as a stripper.

And I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

But I DON'T have big tatas.


Hmmm... maybe implants will do it?!