Sunday, January 29, 2006

Inadvertantly, what makes The Secret Life of The Veronicas so enjoyable is its own ridiculous melodrama. More and more, I find what connects me to good pop these days is a lot less of the tongue in cheek variety and more of the misguided sentimentality without the constraints of bubblegum regulations. I won't say that pop is only supposed to be escapist fun, but most people don't get all emo while they're crunkin' shit up at da club. With a group like The Veronicas ,or Ashlee before them, the "I am pretty deep, and do actually have feelings" approach tends to work for me, despite its enormously laughable implications, simply due to the fact that I believe it when I see it. Of course, it doesn't come off so great for everyone, but that matched with the albums almost mechanical understanding of standard rawk hooks as well as, what could only poorly be described as, alluring vocals makes this the first great pop album of the year. Though, the realist in me knows that it won't stay that way.

Also, they're kinda hot.