Sunday, December 18, 2005

Send in the clowns...

Ramblings on "The Comedians of Comedy"

I guess the term "smart comic" is a kind of pretentious. Sounds a bit like a stepping stone onto a high horse in a much warmer climate where everything just happens to be funnier. Because of the inherent, holier than thou mindset that is expected to come along with the term, I suppose it can be a bit offensive as well...but only if you don't see the irony there.

Patton Oswalt, who may just be the funniest little Gnome since the great David, plays ring leader in this ultra true, and would-be voyeuristic account, of four talented (and painfully underrated) comics taking to the road on a comedy tour for the "smart comic fan." They play mostly rock clubs and smaller venues as to accomodate to their younger, more open minded demographic.

The film, directed by Michael Blieden, is deceptively meandering. As we follow Patton, Brian, Maria, and the painful genius Zach Galafianakis you almost a get a feeling that the film loses sight of itself. Is this a comedy documentary? Is this a behind the scenes documentary? For all the gay humor, hotel room drunkeness, and comic book discussion, it's easy to think this goes nowehere. However, the truth is that this is merely a true account of four people doing what they love to matter how hopeless it seems sometimes. And you can cut the hopelessnes with a KNIFE. The fact that they reamin so honest, and so inexplicably funny in a most cerebral and self effacing manner through out only adds to the films undeniable charm.