Friday, March 06, 2009

Top 15 Films of the Decade: No. 14

14. Adaptation (2002)

There’s something perfectly heartbreaking about a film that is as self-indulgent as Adaptation being made that much more brilliant by result of said indulgences. Adaptation is just as much of a bat-shit insane, half-assed adaptation of The Orchid Thief as it is a neurotic, self-deprecating journey through the very process of artistic creation; but because there is such an unhinged (but still beautifully choreographed) poetry that the two concepts evoke, you are easily sucked into all of its lovely insanity. Spike Jonze directs Charlie Kaufman’s routinely manic screenplay with the kind of reigned in elegance that provides its central pathos the visionary grace that doubles as a fairy tale of real world insecurity and common existence.

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Teresa said...

HMMMM. Interesting choice! Interesting indeed.