Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Noise: Make Movement

Everybody is getting so NOISY. I LOVE IT. Let me highlight for you, dear readers, three groups that seem to be at the forefront of a most exciting and deliberately UNoriginal movement in independent punk rock. These three groups are No Age, Mika Miko, and the distinguished gentleman from Memphis, Mr. Jay Reatard (there are many more like them on the rise, but I am focusing on them for now).

Loud as frak punk rock, no wave, noise rock delivered through three such unique vessels; all with similarly blistering results.

Mika Miko embraces the riotgrrl movement, sure, but take it all to such soaring levels that only transcend the label and become riotous in a completely organic and nasty way. You can't help but to stand in awe as their pure ferocity and sexuality, give way to precision and respect.

No Age are more of a high concept duo. I love saying stupid phrases like that; because the band would probably never agree. The interesting thing about them is the way that they blend the fuzzy, formless fog that makes up their aesthetic with the balls to the wall noise punk that gives them their cred. On a theatrical level, no album has surpassed Nouns this year.

Jay Reatard is old school with a capital FUCK YOU. Dude just doesn't give a damn. And, yeah, it's probably all persona--but he seems to pull it off really well. That is to say that if this is a character...he is very dedicated to it. If The Germs thought like the Buzzcocks and had a baby with The Dead Boys, Jay Reatard would...kill that dude, and probably play better music than him. Look for his Matador Records debut next year.

*You could hear cuts from all of these bands on their respective Myspaces:

Mika Miko
No Age
Jay Reatard


A said...

Ah. I'm glad you're back because my brother was sending me Crystal Castle a while ago and I had no idea who it was. For shame. :(

a said...

I listened to all three on myspace, and I dig the last one the most. Thanks for the links. More punk girls recommendations please! Did you like Be Your Own Pet's Get Awkward?

Daniel said...


I listened to and was quite fond of BYOP's debut, but never got around to their latest. No real reason for that though? lol