Saturday, May 31, 2008

While You Were Sleeping: The Grand Reopening of Satin in a Coffin

So, yeah. I'm back...for now. Almost two years to the date!

Thought I'd try it on my own again. Let's see if I could keep it up this time around. I'm writing for PopMatters now, so expect links to them every now and again.

It has been a pretty solid year for music so far, as per usual. Not many let downs as of yet. To your right you will see a nifty lil' list depicting my favorite 2008 music so far. It is tentative, of course. Expect a retrospective post fairly soon about the half-year that was the first half of 2008. That should be FUN. RIGHT?

Otherwise, I'm just gonna keep doing the only thing I know how to do passionately(listen to and write about music) and you can read if you'd like. I WELCOME YOU.



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Kittle said...

It's about time. See you soon.