Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Return To Cookie Mountain

Though, I guess it hasn't been offically confirmed, if you check out the website, Return To Cookie Mountain (as has been largely rumored AS confirmed around the web for some time) is most assuredly the chosen title for TV On the Radio's latest almost masterpiece. There is also a rumored release date of 4/21/06. I think I have given this album something like 20 spins at this point and it is actually getting even better. It's like some demented, yet invigorating hybrid of Loveless, Pet Sounds, and Astral Weeks.


David Sims said...

I wonder if this is a Super Mario World reference. If so, I love TVOTR that much more.

And fuckin' well said on Loveless/Pet Sounds/Astral Weeks. This album is blowing my mind. Only #8 on your list?

Daniel said...

Oh, it's totally getting raised when I update. lol