Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nail/Coffin Spotlight: Take 1


Part 3

02. Veronica Mars

Hi. I'm adorable. However, stay on my good side or I will FUCKING end you.

Perhaps one of the most successful shows (in delivery, anyway) to embrace the Buffy the Vampire Slayer model of story arc positioning, Veronica Mars is all at once a Nancy Drew hybrid, a highschool drama satire, and a honest-to-goodness feminist tour de force. Now, at first glance, that may all sound pretty pretentious; HOWEVER, like its predecessor, VM is as subversive as it is focused. Similar to Lost (to a certain extent) it uses mystery to suck you in. The hooks, however, are administered by the show's engrossing conflict and endless charm of the completely self-aware variety. Veronica Mars is constantly toying with viewer expectations, but never displays anything but respect for its audience. Twists and turns are taken but always with a watchful eye and a warm nod. It's as if, as long as your willing to go on this crazy ride, they won't steer you wrong. One of the sharpest shows in years.

01. The Sopranos

Catch me on a good day, and I might tell you that The Sopranos is the best television show ever. Hyperbole aside, there have been few shows to constantly reach the cinematic levels that this show reaches on a weekly basis. Much in the tradition of its mobster predecessors, The Godfather and Good Fellas, The Sopranos is always effectively questioning and examining the fundamental flaws and truisms found within the idea of the "American Dream." Creator, David Chase never gets on any high-horse and almost always internalizes judgement. The Sopranos is maybe the most surprisngly psychological show that I can ever recall. And that's not just referencing Tony's frequent trips to his shrink. It's a basic tone of the show. There is always something going on just under the surface. Truly one of the most layered works of art we've ever had the pleasure of viewing.



10. How I Met You Mother

09. Scrubs

08. The Shield

07. 24

06. Rescue Me

05. Big Love

04. Sons & Daughters

03. Lost

02. Veronica Mars

01. The Sopranos

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