Sunday, April 02, 2006

How gross IS it?!

Yay! I loved this so much. I think I enjoyed it a bit more than Shaun of the Dead even...though, that comparison isn't all THAT apt. SotD was, first and foremost, a comedy. It just had a very fleshed out understanding of the Zombie genre and used it to deliver the laughs as well great moments of scare/gore. Here, Slither is delightfully disgusting, unrelenting and pretty fucking hilarious to boot, but it is a horror film. Sure, it does what Eight Legged Freaks did, and takes the b-movie premise and has a little fun with it, but Eight Legged Freaks had nothing more than a goofy sensibility. No real slasher/horror chops behind the scenes. This is, more or less, the real deal. Also, Fillion is such an awesome leading man. Great comic timing, relatable, believable. Perfect choice for this film. I don't see him really breaking out and becoming a mega star, but in smaller genre minded films like this and Serenity I think he has already found his niche. But yeah, of course this is a silly, disgusting little film but a really great time.

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