Monday, February 20, 2006


When it comes right down to it, the most compelling thing about Koma is its own unfortunate constraints of plot. This is a film, so ridiculous by its own nature, that it has no business being as taut and engaging as it actually is. Overt and unabashed in the sheer melodrama and overbearing mechanics of the story, Koma attempts to blend a number of genres in a number of ways, none more prevalent than that of the Sopa Opera and the Thriller. A near failure on both counts, what saves the film is its own vanity. This is such a pure work of what should have been garbage, but it is so skillfully put together, so wonderfully acted, so hilariously engrossing. It's an almost masterpiece of ludicrous proportions.

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T said...

I pretty much agree. It is the best soap opera chick flick about kidney theft I've ever seen!