Saturday, March 12, 2005

Siren Song of a Counterculture:

Gus Van Sant's "My Own Private Idaho"

Gus Van Sant's eerily piognant tale of sex, drugs, and wanton abandonment has, rather shockingly, found significant resonance within my very bones. Perhaps the most benevolent factor apparent within the film being its willingness-or perhaps more accurately, its desire to understand and provide insight into that which cannot be fathomed: The jaded mind of the coming of age male.The film dances on and straddles the fences of egregious romanticization with it's seeming glorification of the "John" life style, but never clearly emerces itself in any pinpointed message or caution. Van Sant, instead, uses his wandering, but expertly crafted subtleties to provide an examination, NOT of said counterculture, but, the individuals ensconced within.This is not a Homosexual film, nor is it a film about Male Prostitutes. Instead, it is a heartbreaking study on the sometimes bleak aspiration for love; While, at the same time, a realistic portrayal of the realities of maturity and the potential coldness of aging.

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