Wednesday, January 12, 2005


M.I.A. , Galang

Do you remember that first time you heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and how you had no clue as to what the fuck Kurt was talking about....or even saying? Do you remember how the more you listened, the more you found yourself addicted? Do you also remember how that, over time, it actually started to speak to you? As is the case with any stellar piece of music, you don't realize just how fantastic M.I.A.'s single, "GALANG" truly is until you allow it the time to seep into your very bones. Sure, primarily, those fukny tribal beats and infectious synth loops that comprise the core of the track are undeniably the contagious element. However, upon repeated listens it is the charming confidence, and slpendid creativity displayed by MIA, herself, that elevate this to such soaring heights. I recently received "Piarcy Funds Terrorism" and while that is probably one of the better albums of 2004, the remixes of "GALANG" (while inspired in their own way) seriously pale in comparison to the jubilent chaos, and off-the-wall synchronicity of the original.

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