Saturday, October 04, 2003

Bubba Sparxxx- Deliverance

8.9 out of 10

"Back in the mud again, and I confess, I'm so happy here."

So says Bubba Sparxxx, who, on his ambitious sophomore LP, "Deliverance" no longer uses his country boy personna as a gimmick, but rather a way of life. Partnering, once again, with world-class producer Timbaland, he has been able to almost effortlessly blend hip hop and country on as fresh of a hip hop album that you may hear this year.

Bubba has really arrived with this album. His rhymes and lyrics never seem to miss a step, and not only always remain lucid, but on occasion are rather poignant....even insightful. He knows he is a white rapper in the time of white rappers and refuses to hide who he wants to be, or who truely he is.

He is here, now, to let us know that, maybe he isn't who we all assumed he was.

On songs of regret like "She Tried", and tales of his troubled youth like, "Nowhere" (both suprisingly moving tracks) you see Bubba maturing before your eyes into a gifted writer and a phenomonal lyricist. There were the seeds of this in his debut LP, but here those seeds have sprouted, and will grow larger still. This is one of the best albums of the year, and may prove to be one of the finest hip hop records for some time to come.

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