Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hello, you are obviously in the wrong place, but fear not, while I AM clearly insane, I promise not to hurt you. I just figured I would jump on the band wagon and get one of these things....why not? It seems a nice place to show my true self and be honest

My name is Sean Bateman (no it isn't....real name is Daniel)
I'm 21 years old (no I'm not)
and I live in Northern California (nope)

Anyway, something important to understand about me is that I am constantly looking for ways to escape reality. In my time on this planet I have discovered that the best way to do that is through music and movies. Music being my first love, and film coming in at a close second. These are the two things I talk about most. So if you ever feel like checking back here...chances are the topic will be one of those two things.

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